Undead Dialect



Exclusive Interview 



Give us your bio. Richard Miner (guitarist), and William Harrington (drummer) began Undead Dialect summer 2017. Joey Malley (bassist) and Mac Duncan (vocals) joined early fall.


Who are your top 5 influences? As a band obviously have way than just five top influances collectively, but ito answer the question. Our 5 major influences would be: Nirvana, The Who, Black Sabbath, Green Day, and Motion City Soundtrack.


When are your new projects coming out? We’ve been working hard on our EP that should be released early March 2018. Other than that, we are always working on new material.


What helped you get into music? Richard, Guitar: I got into music when I was 11. My friends and I wanted to start a band. Ironically enough, Mac was the singer. Unfortunately the band never happened, but I got a bass, and started learning songwriting, bass, and guitar. Joey, Bass: I’ve always liked music as a kid, but I never really played until Rocksmith entered my life. Mac, Vocals: As a young kid I loved borrowing my sisters CDs of Jimmy Eat World and Wheatus, even though I wasn’t allowed to listen to that kind of stuff at that age. I have always loved music, just never took initiative to incorporate my ideas into creative enough concepts to make music about. I didn’t really get heavily into singing until I sang karaoke one night and Richard said he wanted me to be the front-man of his band. Will, Drums: Growing up I was always surrounded by a variety of music genres. I knew at a young age the styles I naturally gravitated to, but also learned to appreciate  all kinds of music. The first CD I asked for as a kid was a Motion City Soundtrack CD Commit This To Memory. I got it for a family car ride, mixed with other burned Senses Fail songs.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? Tell other people, come to shows, and try to get us on local radio. We really love making music and can always appreciate any support we get. A majority of our content is on SoundCloud, but we also have a YouTube channel, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.


What are your biggest goals for 2018? Play shows, get fans, accumulate equipment, and record a lot of high quality content. Band managers positions are still available.

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