Contra Production

  1. Exclusive Interview 

    BIO: My real name is Max Lang, I go by Contra Production. I live in Mesa Az and I was born in Columbus Ohio. Some of my top influences are Busyworksbeats, Game taught me a bunch about production when I was starting in Fl Studio, Metro Boomin of course, he kinda made it cool to be a producer and has always made the dopest sounds, Frank Ocean just with his incredible ability to be emotionally expressive and make beautiful music, Andrew Huang with his unique perspectives and style of production and songwriting he has made some of my favorite music and is constantly inspiring me, and finally Childish Gambino and Ludwig his Producer. Donald (Childish) is by far my favorite artist, his album Because of the Internet still inspires me to this day, it just has that perfect vibe and lyrics that really resonates with me. I think he just has this ability to connect with the listener and express certain feelings in life that are unique but also relatable.

    New Projects? I’m constantly working on new projects i’ve got a few with my friend Dre (Gamble) coming out this month (hopefully). I’m doing another with Brandon Bair called the Deep Space Network which is gonna be awesome its a multi media project with music poetry a short film and more. I’ve also got my own stuff coming out consistently.

    Goals for 2018? In 2018 I’m really grinding trying to get discovered and make the best shit I can. As long as I’m progressing I’m good it’s definitely not something that happens over night but I love what I do.

    What got you into music? I got into music (producing specifically) when I was in 7th grade. My friend Jacob, DJjako showed me a bunch of cool EDM type shit and I got into making that, later I eventually got into producing Hip Hop. I was awful at first though. It honestly took about a year for it to even sound like music but after about six years I’ve kinda got the hang of it. I’m constantly improving, I can never act like I really know anything because that’s when you stagnate. I also sing and play guitar and uke but that doesn’t see the light of day much as I am really focused on producing now. I’ve got so many interests tho producing is just a piece of the puzzle.

    Anything to say to your fans? to my fans I would say thank you if you exist haha and also I would love to interact with anyone I’m always looking for feedback and people to collab with. To people in general watch out I’m coming.

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