Exclusive Interview 

BIO Jamie Linney aka ‘Tayrn’ is a hazel eyed British newcomer. He describes his music as sitting comfortably between whispered chill and melodic pop. He currently has one single out called stones, an intimate conversation that unravels slowly.

New Projects? I currently have lots of songs in the works so I will defiantly be looking at putting another single out in a few months, followed by an EP in summer. I want to allow the time to make something truly special

What got you into music? I think I was always fascinated by music, it’s something that’s can be so personal yet also can be so shared. I grew up being in different bands, One particular evening I discovered the whole world of chill and electronic music and decided to go at it on my own. I see Tayrn as the artistic and real side of me whereas Jamie is a little more easy going

Anything to tell your fans? I think I’d just say thank you for listening haha I’ll see you at a show one day hopefully!

Biggest Goals for 2018? Biggest goals for 2018 would be to put out this EP and keep growing as a writer, singer and producer. Social links: Facebook: Instagram: jamie_linney Twitter: tayrnofficial Spotify: YouTube:

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