Maximum potential



Exclusive Interview 


BIO  Born in brooklyn new york,lived in st. lucia, and raised in the bronx, new york.  Maximum potential, Cash chase or “po” as his friends call him is a hip hop artist from new york city who enjoys music, art, laughter, and a good movie among other things. more importantly he is a person who has a deep appreciation for the culture he works to be a part of and preserve.  …as you read just know i wrote this the same way, as i went along.  sometimes day turns to night, then i wake up and its day again. sometimes i feel i wasted, sometimes i feel like i could weight lift, sometimes i feel like giving up, then i remember all those that i want to do better for, so i can’t quit…


Top 5 influences? My son, he is my biggest influence because I think he is my reason. My ambition, my doubt killer, my recharge, my inspiration, because ever since he was born I understood the order now became him then me. My pops, because he is one of the few people I know that are just happy. He believes as long as you are not a burden, hurting yourself or others, and your happy that’s all that’s important. My older brother Davin, he was the first person I noticed that did not follow what everyone else was doing. He let me know it was ok to be a trend setter. And to not be afraid to learn new things and meet new people. “Cultured Davin” shouts out to you bro. My older sister Jessie I won’t say much about it because it’s way to personal. But this WOMEN embodies strength to me. I love you sis. My older sister Francine. For loving me when I didn’t love myself. Forever loyal.


New projects? I have two projects i am working on with some team mates one is called “law of attraction” and the other will be “escape route” no dates yet but definitely something to look forward to. 


What helped you get into music? Honestly, the availability of recording software due to advances in technology. Reaper, acid pro, cool edit, fruity loops etc were all coming out when I was a youngin and naturally we took to it. Keep in mind my friends rapped and I just enjoyed recording their vocals and fake mixing them because I had no idea what I was doing and that was before YouTube had the “how to videos”. I actually started listening to hip hop late because my mom was very strict and did not allow me to listen because of the cursing and adult content. –


Anything to tell your fans?  First, I want to say I would appreciate your support above all Because I have big plans to give back to the very streets I come from. My movement and music is for the have nots. Also believe in yourself and try to figure out as early as possible what makes you HAPPY, then find a way to make it into a business or a stream of steady income. That way you will never work a day in your life. Don’t follow the fool-print. Be different. Stand out. Think for yourself. Be loyal to those who are loyal to you. Family first. – goals for 2018 Headline my first show. And quit my job.

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