1. Showtime

    Exclusive Interview 

    BIO: Antoine Harden, better known to the world as Showtime, was born in Montgomery, Alabama on April 10, 1993. At the age of four he discovered his love and talent for music. He immediately began putting his talent to use as he self-taught himself how to play the drums by ear. He later began playing football at the age of 8. Even though he was heavily involved with sports, he still stayed with music using it as a hobby. He took drum lessons at 8 to sharpen his skills. He sung in his school and church choir until began playing the drums at his grandma’s church. His very first musical influence was the king of pop, Michael Jackson. In the third grade, he taught himself how to dance like Mike, He didn’t write his first song until fifth grade. He had a thing for the ladies, which infuenced the idea to write. He didn’t really know how to express his himself, and music gave him the outlet to do so. He learned how to read music in the sixth grade and started writing his own in the same year. He always been a performer. The one who takes the stage, dance floor, etc. by storm. He danced and played in his auntie’s marching band at “Battle of the Band’s” in his early years. He also played in the concert band until he graduated from high school in 2011 from Kennesaw Mountain High School in Kennesaw, Georgia. He went to the University of Alabama to pursue his dream of playing professional football, but then transferred to Tuskegee University in 20212. During his second semester there, in February 2013 he recorded his first track “Come Wit It”, off his debut mixtape titled “Tha Hurt” which was released on his 22nd birthday, April 10, 2015. Going through his hard times, tribulations, and struggles he decided to dedicate himself fully to music. He has self-taught himself how to record, mix, and master his songs. He booked his own shows, made his own distribution deals, grew his network, created and founded several different companies, while using his music to tell the stories, experiences, and lessons of his life.

    Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences would have to be Chris Brown because he is so talented. From sports to music to design. He does it all. We are alike in many ways which is why I and my friends say I’m the “Dark-Skinned Chris Brown”. T.I. because I feel like he’s the street/hood me. I am a very well-rounded person. I can flip the bricks and get the check in the streets while taking your female and treating my family well and be at the march for justice and build a billion dollar corporation all in the same day. Future because of his work ethic. I remember when his career first launched he dropped about 2-3 mixtapes back to back in a short time span and all were quality music. I still bump those to this day. He constantly on tour or doing shows. He stays in the studio working on music and took the time to master his craft, 50 Cent because of what he does outside music. The way he moves around in Corporate America is amazing. From the Vitamin Water deal to the SMS Audio Headphones to the Effen Vodka. He’s not only a music artist, he’s a business man and I have the same mentality. Michael Jackson because of the way he awed the crowd and pleased his fans on and off the stage. His music touched people all around the globe. His moves lit up the stage. His personality took people hearts away. His love for the kids was greatly shown and appreciated. His name will live forever and I’m striving to have mine somewhere near his in the future. I’m currently working on 2 mixtape projects. Tha Hurt [Reloaded] and Tha Basics [Reloaded]. Both are elevated versions of the original mixtapes, Tha Hurt and Tha Basics that I dropped 2-3 years ago. I feel like I owe it to my fans to see the growth and the maturity in my skill set, voice, mindset, and operation. I also want to get back everything I missed back then, such as money, opportunities, radio spins, royalties, and so forth. Hopefully those will be dropping within the following month by my birthday April 10th

    What got you into music? What got me into music was the drums. I loved the drums. The way they sound. The rhythm that makes you move your feet. I picked that up first and self-taught myself how to play by ear. I became so infatuated with it that I wanted to play in the church, march in the marching band etc. I performed in several different Battle of the Bands, marched in the Thanksgiving Parade back home in Montgomery, Alabama. I started dancing in the 3rd grade when my mom introduced to me Michael Jackson. I been studying and practicing his moves since then. I always was singing because growing up we had to do something in the church. So I sung in the church choir until I was old enough to play the drums in the church. I also sung in my school choir at Carver Elementary. I later found that I had trouble expressing or talking about how I felt so I began to start writing poems that then evolved into songs. I been writing since I was like 10-11 in the 6th grade when I found out I could rap. I had some female influences back then and after awhile it became a normal thing. I wrote about every emotion, any situation that was going in my life at the time, any and every thought pretty much. It was more like a hobby at the time. I didn’t fully dedicate my self to music til the year 2014, even though I recorded my first song in the Spring 2013. I wanted to be a professional football player. That was my dream. So music was always treated second in my life even though I loved music so much. Everyone was telling me I should put my focus into it and make a career since I graduated high school, but I wanted to be what I wanted to be. But after awhile you gotta stop and actually listen and go forth with what God called you to do.

    Anything to tell your fans? I want to tell my fans this: I love each and every one of you. You guys have inspired me in ways I can’t explain. In my darkest times ya

    Biggest Goals for 2018? My biggest and only goal in 2018 is to do what I said I’m gone do and that’s to cross over the line from being very popular to being famous

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