1. Exclusive Interview 

    Bio: 20 year old producer/engineer from Australia, wanting to establish myself as a producer for singers and rappers and as an artist of my own

    Top 5 influences?  1. Flume 2. Ronny J 3. Wondergurl 4. Sam Gellaitry 5. Medasin

    New projects? Nearly finished an EP, will be coming out as soon as its done which should be within the next two months, more remixes and other stand alone tracks will come out until then

    What helped get into music? Always loved hip hop and still do, never had a musical background but listening to hip hop made me want to make beats, the more I did that the more I enjoyed it and explored other types of music

    Anything to tell your fans?  I dont have any fanbase at all but if I were to have fans I’d tell them to be more open minded about music

    Biggest goals for 2018? 1. Establish a beat store and make more sales 2. Establish a solid following on soundcloud, youtube, twitter etc relative to my position now 3. Get much better at producing

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