Jordan Spinoza

Exclusive Interview 


Bio: My name is Jordan, I’m 20 years old and I’m from the Twin Cities (St. Paul/Minneapolis). I began writing music in 2015. In the few years since I started, I’ve spent countless hours in studios from friends’ basements to professionals in West Hollywood, and released 3 unofficial projects with the Zoltan Clan. I’ve done performances in various cities throughout the country, from Burnsville, Minnesota to Los Angeles, California. At the beginning of 2018, I made the difficult decision to remove myself from my former group. This year is a new beginning for my music. I’m excited to start a new path as a solo artist, and I’m ready for the world to know how serious I am about my craft. 

When is your next project coming out? My solo debut “I.P.S.R” is set to be released this October. This project, titled Into the Panic of the Schizophrenic Romantic, is a hero’s journey told from a first person perspective. In the first song , “Angel”, boy meets girl. It’s a typical love story… Or is there more to it? That’s a question I still ask myself. Love makes us all act crazy. It makes the world go ‘round. When two lovers meet in the belly of the beast, what does it take to make it? I.P.S.R is a web of love, lust, addiction, depression, and perseverance all through the lens of the newly awoken romantic. There is a push and pull to this world we live in. “Everything is Everything.”- Lauren Hill There’s really no formal structure to this project. It is a raw, uncut interpretation of my life and the world around me, which is part of what gives it meaning. The lack of structure plays into the stigma surrounding mental health. Not too many will understand the full depth, and that’s okay. You guys might not get it, but if you’ve experienced something like it, I think it will be easy to relate to.

Who are your top 5 influences? It’s hard to name only five. On any given day, I could be influenced by 5 different people, in 20 different ways, on any individual song. I think the influence a song has on me changes just as I do as a person. (If y’all don’t know me well, I’m crazy). The best answer to this question is “You are what you eat”. I mean that in the sense that the content you consume is likely to reflect on the product you produce. My biggest influences are the artists around me. I’ll always pay respects to the people who got me in the game. The Zoltan Clan is without a doubt my number one. For the last 2 years not only did I make music with Zoltan, but we were inseparable. There was so much creative energy between us that it was contagious. I aspire to carry with me that energy in all the collaborative work I do. I have to give a huge credit to A.S.A.P Rocky. If I could work with any artist, the list would start with him. His track L$D was a major inspiration for the content of this album. In a similar manner, I tell a story of Love, Sex, and Dreams. His Album “A.L.L.A” came out right around the time I really started writing and the content resonated with me heavy. Another artist I look up to is Pouya. I went to his concert in San Antonio during the South Side Suicide tour, and the energy was next level. I want every single one of my shows to be that lit. Beyond the stage energy, Pouya inspires me because of his relationship with his fans. He seems to be really humble, and is open with the struggles he faces. Kanye is a major influence for me as well. I have all of his albums in rotation to this day. It’s more than music when it comes to Kanye, and that’s how I want people to look at me. I’m not defined by my songs, but my songs define me. Each of his projects has its own life. The project I’m working on right now has Kanye’s influence embedded throughout; it’s called College Dropout, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and 808’s & Heartbreak. Lastly, I would like to give respect to a former teacher of mine, Mr. Glenn Skov. I give him the credit of pushing my creative mind. You can see the impact his class had on me in my writing, undisputedly. In my most popular song “Priorities”, I start “Young and I’m ignorant. Wise for admitting it. Socratic positioning, my precision’s militant” This is a reference to Plato’s Republic, in which Socrates states “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing”. In my song “Shaolin Cypher”, I speak about the “Stream of infinite flux”. That is a direct reference to Tao Chien’s poem, Substance, Shadow, and Spirit. My work is greatly influenced by the philosophies I learned in Mr. Skov’s classroom. In his class, we did a lot of analysis and critical thinking. It seemed more like a philosophy course opposed to a 11th grade English class. I learned to look at things not as they are individually, but how they operate as a part of a whole. This class gave structure to my writing. I approach a song in the same way that I was taught to approach a paper. First, I write all the content I can. Next, I revise the writing as I organize it to flow. Once the body paragraphs (verses) are done, I work on the thesis (Chorus). It doesn’t always work out that simplistically, but it is a point of reference in all of my work.

What helped you get into music? I got into music for nothing more than the love of it. In all honesty, I love words. I wrote a couple songs when I was younger, and I started to get into poetry toward the end of high school. That was around the same time I experienced my first heart break. I dated a girl, she was art, and I fell in love. To this day, I feel that my most genuine writing comes from love. I give all the credit in the world to that girl because she changed my life without a doubt. This project contains a lot of the content I had from my early poems. I can’t think of a better way to begin my career than going back to my start, my art, my heart. I’ve always had a creative spark, but I give credit to the artists around me for really pushing me onto the local scene. It all started with a cypher. At one of the first turn ups/kick-backs/house parties, someone threw on an instrumental. From that day on, it wasn’t a party unless a cypher popped off at the function. For the people who know me personally, the reason I am in music is clearly Zoltan. For those who are unfamiliar, Zoltan started as a “turn up” crew, but has now expanded to a city wide brand and music group. As a quiet kid, I did not have much of a voice growing up. Zoltan gave me a voice. Through my 2 year career with the Zoltan Clan, my voice developed with a lot of strength. I think that is why I love music so much. Whenever my song gets played I know that it’s my story being heard. Music brings the biggest passion to life. I just want to share that passion.

What is one thing you would tell your fans? I think at this point I’m not on a level to have many true “fans”; however, I know people are watching, and all I ask is for them to listen. Listen, because every word I say means something. I’m not the type to make a scene. I’m not the type to broadcast my life to the world. I don’t even like snapchat lol… My point is that my music has reason. I am sharing it because it means something to me, and intend to share that with you.

What are your biggest goals? The biggest goal I’ve made this year is to meet as many other creatives as possible. I want to surround myself with like-minded people. I work for this music every day of my life. I want to find people who are just as motivated. I love every aspect; from creation through post production, I want to be the best. I am also humble enough to know there is always someone out there who is going to be better than me (at least for the moment). I’m not afraid of that. Actually, I love when someone else can challenge my approach, or the way I think. Another goal of mine is to coordinate a series of cinematic level music videos for my project I.P.S.R. With the level of depth in these songs, I need some really high quality visuals to help translate my message. I have a small network of videographers that are on board for the vision, but I still need help. I am looking for a creative director, as well as actors to be a part of the project. Additionally, I want to go one step further and share my ideas with other artists to collaborate on the project. This tape is completed, but it will not be the last of its kind. This is totally a one-sided project, only from my perspective. In the future, I’d like to incorporate the views of my peers. My ultimate goal with music is to uplift and inspire. As a child of Hip Hop, I hold myself to a high standard. In a way I see myself as a preacher, a teacher, a messenger (I say that as humbly as possible). I put my whole mind, body, and soul into my work. With that being said, I refuse to push anything but peace, love, and positivity. I understand the world around me is a hard place to come up out of. “It’s hard to carry on when no one loves you”-2pac. I want to show the world that there is peace in love, and love is around us all. It doesn’t matter what your situation is. If you approach life with positivity in your mind, passion in your body, and love in your soul then you can overcome any obstacle the world may throw in your path.

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