Terry Cameron

  1. BIO : I’m Terry Cameron, but I prefer ‘Cameron’. Born & raised in Saginaw, Michigan. I am a Music artist, songwriter, & music producer. I sing & rap. I’m 23yrs old & on the wave of being the artist that speaks the words that so many voices keep silent. I have been making instrumentals & writing songs for about 11yrs now, but I finally started my music career 2yrs ago.. & it’s been an celestial journey this far. •

    Top 5 influences?  definitely Rihanna, Jhené Aiko, 6lack, Miguel, & TaeYang. I also pull inspiration from a variety of artists to improve my lyricism & making better instrumentals etc. But, those 5 influences are definitely vital to how my music comes into formation. 

    New Projects? Well, I recently released my personal long-awaited album ‘Twenty3’ last month. So, that’s my newest & most prized project I have out right now. Music never sleeps so I am always working on new sounds. But, in the mean time I would like for people to listen to my album (Twenty3).. solely because I’ve been through so much hardship & struggle within the 2yrs of working on the album. Plus, it gives insight on who I am & throughout the process I discovered who I am as a musical artist. I recommend people to check it out; great shit. But, like I said previously.. I am always working on new sounds & may release an EP during the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year.

    What got you into music?  Music have always been a part of my family. My mom would always sing around the house & I started following in her footsteps & realized that’s something I love doing; like I’m alone in the world & it’s peaceful. Me making instrumentals started when I was in middle school & I saw my big cousin on my computer making beats; I gave it a shot, he saw the potential & I’ve been doing it for 11yrs now. Songwriting came naturally ‘cause it was a way to get everything out when people wouldn’t listen to me; my pen & paper became my best friends in a sense. But, me feeling free, happy & at peace as well as the negativity that drew me into my creative life is what truly inspired & helped me get into music. So, I def appreciate the negatives because it gave me art. 

    Anything to tell your fans? I don’t have fans. I have my supporters, in which I refer to them as my ‘Guys&Gals’. But, I most def want to tell them I am genuinely thankful & grateful for their support; it means the world to me they support me the way they do. My family doesn’t support me so their love is amazing & I tell them I appreciate them everyday. But, what’s understood doesn’t need to be explained. They know I value them. But, I also want my Guys&Gals to know more music is coming. •

    Biggest Goals? My biggest goals for this year is to advance more in my music. Branch out, get more listeners, do more shows etc. I planned to do so much this year. Currently in the process of working on my 1st MV (Music Video) which is exciting. But, yea, I want to branch out & work with other artist

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