Spodee B



Exclusive Interview 


Give us your bio: I’m from Atlanta,GA my name is Spodee B. I’ve been writting sense I was about 11, when I found out how to word play. My first poem book was published in middle school & got the Dekelb County poem Award & that was in 7th grade. Afterwards from moving from Decatur GA to CALIFORNIA because of gun violence I got more focused into football, more so because of my size and athletic ability. Being ranked #7 in southern CA in 2014 @ Running Back. . . After getting my shoulder dislocated heavy in HS. Football was feeling fucked up, no money ….. no college, & I went to hustle, taking over hoods to get my money up, caught a few jail cases that I’m still fighting & realizing like is better from a different view. As I was homeless I would sleep in my friends studio & play around & as I saw small time artist come in & be serous. I took the words my mother told me “words have power” used my word to motivate my situations & folk was feeling it. Now just want to keep motivation myself & others •


Who are your top 5 influences? My biggest influences in hip hop will always be OutKast, Goodie Mobb & got damn T.I … in that order no other artist compare to there determination to where Atlanta wouldn’t be shit without those artist mainly. That paved the way for “I” to drop #3395 & more 


When are your new projects coming out?  Sometime in April...


What helped you get into music? My mother ounce she told me “Words have power” & from there from the music been my outlet, throughout my life struggles, tragedies , my closest friends & love ones dying… Being dirty, from being homeless…. without life music got me through…… 


What is one thing you would tell your fans? “Never give Up” -word from my OG “God bless the Child that cares to be different” – Words from a legend 


What are your biggest goals for 2018? To be honest I just want my life to be together & @ peace dawg.! Weather this music take me somewhere or not, just want my life to be complete 🐻™- Spodee B.

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