Exclusive Interview 

Bio: Im a producer/rapper from a town right outside philly. Currently in school tryna become a full time producer/engineer. I grew up always loving music and always had dreams of tryin to do somethin with it. Definitely found myself through music and I gotta owe who I am today to music and especially hip-hop.

Top 5 Influences? A Tribe Called Quest, Lil Wayne, Big L, Kendrick, and Wu Tang When are your new projects coming out: Im in the final stages of mixing/mastering this EP im workin on called Welcome to my Mind. Should be comin out sometime in the next month or two. Also got some singles and throwaways from the EP im gonna be releasin before that.

What helped you get into music? When i was real young i was playing bass and sometimes guitar in a band with some a my friends. It lasted a couple years but we all kinda went our separate ways. Also played a lotta music for school which got me into the more technical side of things. I was always around music and I gotta say my parents definitely put me onto some good music. Once I found out about datpiff and listened to Waynes Dedication mixtapes along with like Big Seans Detroit thats when I knew i wanted to make music. That was in like middle school and I always wanted to get my voice out there in the world and hip hop helped me find that voice.

What is one thing that you would tell your fans?: Anybody who supports my music got all my love and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to listen to the shit I make.

Biggest Goals for 2018? I wanna get my brand out there more and I wanna try and book a show anywhere once I start putting more music out there. Also wanna try and produce for some bigger artists that have a decent following to get my name out there.

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