1. NIN3MC

    Exclusive Interview 

    Bio: I am NIN3MC, a 26 year old artist from Boston, Massachusetts. My name is derived from Psalm 93, one of my favorite psalms in the Bible. I consider myself to be a lyricist. I started rapping in middle school for fun and never stopped. As my life has progressed I have gone through tragedies and times of pain. I began to view this music as my God given outlet. It allowed me to have a sense of purpose. I record and mix my songs at home on my own with an inexpensive setup. I feel blessed to be able to make this music for you all.

    Top five influences?: Royce da 5′ 9”, Lecrae, Jay-Z, Joyner Lucas, Dr. Dre

    New projects?: I am just beginning to release my music. For 2018 I have some tight remixes in the works.

    What helped you get into music? I started taking music seriously after some tragedies and times of pain in my life. God blessed me with music as an outlet and a purpose. As I progress in my music it is my hope that I can glorify him in my body of work.
    Anything to tell your fans? I don’t have many fans yet, but to the ones I do have, thank you. With all the music out there today, thank you for taking time to listen to my body of work.

    Goals For 2018? : For 2018, I hope to build an infrastructure of fans. I want to generate buzz and get my music into the hands of the masses. I hope my music can have a positive impact on my fans’ lives.

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