Exclusive Interview 


Give us your bio: I am Kolo, a 23-year old artist from Athens, GA. I’m a versatile artist whose inspirations range from Jay-Z to Mariah Carey. I have released three EP’s: The Prelude, New Beginnings, and Purest Release. I also recently was blessed to have my own homecoming concert in my home country, Nigeria. Music started as a hobby, but within a few months it became something much more. It grew to be more than an addiction. It simply became my life. Through life’s tough times, we must find ways to cope. This is my therapy. Music is my purest release.


Who are your top 5 influences? J. Cole. He’s definitely my favorite rapper and has outlook on things definitely rubbed off on me. Drake. Huge fan of his as well, and impressed with his longevity and consistency. Jay-Z. Another highly consistent artist. Greatest bragger ever. Mariah Carey. She’s a childhood favorite. The first album, I ever owned was the Emancipation of Mimi, and that probably built the foundation for my love of soul samples. Michael Jackson. Not much to say. My parents were always playing all his greatest hits and one of my earliest memories as a 4-year old is watching the Thriller Music video and being scared to death. The GOAT plain and simple.


When are your new projects coming out? I recently released my latest project in December called the Purest Release EP, which is my main focus right now. This project was truly therapeutic for me. I think I really set a high bar of quality and I’m immensely proud of my artistic maturity and growth. The goal is to push this project for the next 6 months, and there will be some heavy promo and tons of content coming in the Spring.


What helped you get into music? I always casually liked music, but it got serious when my uncle would be playing The Massacre by 50 Cent and I would always wanna go listen with him, and that sparked my interest in Hip-Hop and R&B going forward. In college, I got really curious about how people made beats and because of that I started making beats myself. Production was definitely my first love and it wasn’t ‘til I got to grad school that I decided to start rapping cause you know why not…so yeah I caught the bug in October of 2016 and my life has been different ever since.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? To anybody out there that appreciates the music: thank you. I understand the power of music and if my music can do anything for you whether it be as simple as make you smile or as powerful as change your perspective on life, then I will continue to put out music feeling blessed that I can impact/inspire someone. Again, thank you for listening, even if it was just one song.


What are your biggest goals for 2018? For 2018, the plan is to continue to push Purest Release. So my goals are based on the little steps I can take. There’s a music video coming, instrumental breakdown videos, and possibly an unreleased song that I’ll release soon. Another goal of mine is to perform my own show in Atlanta. The most important thing for me though is to create a full-length project over the summer. I’m going into it like this is the last project I’ll ever make so its essential, I create a life-defining art piece that I’m proud of.

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