Exclusive Interview 

Bio: Just a young upcoming music producer trying to succeed off what I love to do most. I make trap, hip-hop, and sometimes Lofi beats. Normally I like to go off of mainly hip-hop and trap but as time goes on I plan on expanding my skills into more styles like old school hip-hop. Like old school Wutang, Tupac, Biggie, A Tribe Called Quest, NWA & you know, that type of style.

Top 5 Influences? From my exposure towards hip-hop and the rap game we have now, my #1 influence and the person I look up to is Logic. The way he speaks on the situations we have now and how corrupt life is and also how people are towards each other really moves me. He opens up my mind to try new things and to not always stay in my comfort zone. Also, his music and verses really mean a lot to me and connect to me to a certain extent because of how deep some of the go. Now with that said my top 4 under Logic would be Metro Boomin, Murda, Zaytoven and Ski Mask.

New Projects? As far as making beats consistently goes, I would say to expect new content from me of at least 1-5 beats in a week. At this time I am still trying to do my best also in high school and get the hell out because after school im gonna put my mind and skills to use and go full time on making music. Now as for future music projects I am currently working on collabs with some close friends right now so stay tuned for stuff like that. Getting into music: Now the MAIN reason I actually got into this music shit and into making beats is all because of my brother in laws father Chris. Oh and I just wanna give a BIG shout out to him and my brother CJ because without him and his father introducing me to this I wouldn’t be where I am today. So a huge Thank You to them I am more than appreciated by them for this.

Anything to say to your fans? Alright so for my fans out there and whoever actually plays my content I would just like to say Thank You for actually listening because it’s hard some days to do this. I got people doubting me and just straight up don’t mess with me for this. Then I got the others that actually care and compliment me for what I’m doing on this. So Thank You. I do recognize you ALL and I appreciate that.

Biggest Goals for 2018? Damn, for my goals. One thing I really look forward to doing and actually making it to that point in time is giving back to my parents and everyone that put me into this and never gave up on me. That’s my #1 goal and mentality I always keep in my mind. Obviously yes I would love to buy all these things I want for myself but first I want to give back. Most especially my parents because they made me be the person I am today and they always taught me how I can be whatever I want and just stay in my own lane and make my own lane. I wouldn’t be here without them.

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