1. Exclusive Interview 

    Top 5 Influences? Top 5 influences are Jesus, Biggie Smalls, John Rockefeller, Benjamin Franklin & Kodak Black. I picked each and last name decisively due to the fact they all play a big part to have sparked my brain.

    New Projects? I’m going to have new projects dropping all year so there’s no really set date or due date on that. Fans, you just have to really be on the lookout. I’m grinding and making more music at the same time.

    What got you into music? It always been in my blood and family to do music. What really inspired me to get into music is, when i seen my uncle in his casket. My mind couldn’t have it. It turned me into a savage. He’s was really up on a music note. He made me more determined growing up seeing his shine and grind. The crazy thing is we never met but he had that effect on me. It’s just crazy explaining because, most people don’t really get how it feels to take such a craft seriously. God doesn’t make any mistakes. The first and last time I seen my uncle was in that casket. At 9, i started rapping & years later i’m still rapping.

    Anything to tell your fans? I always tell my fans thank you for still being hear after all these years. A lot of people bandwagon when a artist is hot but i got fans who been doing this bid with the kid since I been a kid. I honestly appreciate all the love and respect y’all give me. Just keep showing love and trust i’ll show love back. I always inform them i got a clothing line on the way too!

    Biggest Goals? My biggest goal of 2018 is, to be known worldwide. I also want to be touring and multiple of my clothing lines out and about. I have so many goals of 2018 that i’d rather show then tell because, the tell doesn’t always show.

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