Exclusive Interview      Give us your bio I’m a 20 year old artist/producer originally from Rockville, Maryland currently based out of Columbus, OH with my artistry collective, The Cold Collection. Originally finding a passion for poetry in my younger years, I began writing music while simultaneously teaching himself how to produce in … More STATIC RES


Exclusive Interview  BIO: Takeez is the oldest of three children and was born and raised in small town Lawton Oklahoma where he honed his skills of rhyme and rhythm. After singing for almost ten years, in 2010 he picked up themicrophone in a new way, and became a Hip Hop artist. As he started to … More Takeez


  Exclusive Interview    BIO: My real name is Daniel Flores but I go by dFlowrbe. I was born in Oak Park, Illinois and both of my parents were born in El Salvador.   Influences? When I first started getting serious about music I was influenced by joey badass and the old school/boom bap area … More dFlowrbe


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW  BIO: Arbil was born in Kansas City Missouri but grew up in Compton, California. Arbil worked for Motown Records under Hazel and Jermaine Jackson in the fall of 1979. Arbil was the hair dresser for for Jermaine’s album cover “Let’s get serious” and was the person responsible for the look (Hair) of the … More ARBIL

Casey Cope

  Exclusive Interview    BIO Casey Cope Is A 22-Year-Old Artist From San Leandro, CA. He Creates Almost All Of His Music Himself, From Writing To Production To Mixing.   Top 5 Influences? Influences Stem From 90s-00s Rock, Pop-Rock, Indie, And New Era Hip-Hop In no particular order, my top 5 influences are probably The … More Casey Cope

Zae Miles

        Exclusive Interview      Give us your bio: Zae Miles is an Athlete turned Artist from a College town outside New York City. Zae used to rap for fun while he was younger until depression hit and spurred his addiction to song writing and recording. From Spacey beats and hustle rap … More Zae Miles

Smovve Pok

      Exclusive Interview    BIO: I was born in Ghana I always loved music my whole life I love hip hop and r & b   Top 5 Influences? 2pac lil Wayne drake neyo Jay-Z Michael Jackson probably biggest influences   What got you into music? I use to just play around till … More Smovve Pok

David Banks

      Exclusive Interview      Top 5 influences? Rbl posse Tupac. E40 b legit Young Jeezy   New projects? Coming out im pushing 4 april Got few more songs to finish.   What got you into music? I use to go to my cousin house in east Oakland. He had a studio and a … More David Banks

YB Slim

Exclusive Interview  Bio: I’m fine from Macon Georgia but I grew up in Atlanta, raised by my grandad and aunts. Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences rap artist: T I , lil Wayne ,future , Skooly ,derez deshon What helped you get into music? What helped me get into music was seeing my brother … More YB Slim


Exclusive Interview  BIO 24 year old producer from pittsburgh pa. started producing when i was 21. been here my entire life but moving to nashville this summer to open a recording studio w/ my boy Ian French & work on music down there. Top 5 influences? In no specific order.. Metro Boomin..Purps of 808 mafia..Ian French..thats … More Scar