Exclusive Interview 


Bio: Alright well im 24 i was born jan 23 1994 In santa maria California i was raised by a single mother for the most part my father left when i was two i was raised in Sacramento and san jose California then back to Santa Maria..my mother ended up going to jail for a lil while so i was raised by my grandparents for a good amount of my life then i was introduced to muaic because my grandfather had been a musician for years as i got older hiphop just gravitated towards me all my friends id meet wrote music we’d cypher have writing sessions and all that good shit i later on was sent to live with some family back up north cause i was getting into to shit out here living on the streets n what not i later released my first single “never fallen down” off of my early project the “bastards bible”i then started getting recognition online as well as in the bay with my family id later release multiple songs but eventually fall of with music because of drugs and just lack of support but today im 2yrs clean haven’t been more motivated and inspired about my music in my life ive set goals to rock shows to meet other dope ass artist and collab even meeting ppl thats already made it as well with building a reputation in the music scene out here in the central coast and ive reached those goals with in a short period time… my dreams and aspirations are to get signed by Dreamville i just feel like id be something new to their roaster and my style cant be copied you feel me so thats something that would be a great asset to their label . 


Top 5 influences? My number 1 influence is Slug from atmosphere that man single handedly molded my passion for hiphop JCole is another big one for me, Bas,Method Man,Biggie&Pac i feel like they’re one so yea hah


What helped you get into music?: The thing is with me musics always been a necessity to me ive had alot of ppl come in and out my life but musics always been there its never left on a deeper note i suffer from mad depression and anxiety so when im writing rhymes it takes me to a place that none of that shit could touch me where no voices or bad thoughts or feelings could be heard/felt i feel like musics saved my life might sound corny but thats whats real..


Anything to tell your fans? Be ready for a journey i hope all of you guys ride it out with me..be the best person you can be no mater what race shape sexual orientation be the best you that you can be fuck what ppl say or think…and those that deal with mental illness you’re not alone im strapped in the same ride with you so lets make some good music and deal with that bitch together Love peace and blessings


Biggest Goals for 2018?  My goal this year is to ad on to my fan base make it solid market and promote better and study and master the craft and evolve as an artist

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