Exclusive Interview 


Give us your bio After arriving in California jobless, homeless, and separated from his band, Daniel Love (The Coma Kids) found himself starting from scratch. However, as he began to build a new musical foundation, Love found himself becoming increasingly disillusioned with both the genre and culture of punk. This disconnect sparked musical reinvention, and from this came KozL0ve. KozL0ve blends Love’s emo pedigree with cloud rap and genre-blurring influences such as Lil Peep and EDEN to create a vivid musical experience that strikes a perfect balance, channeling the tightly-wrapped angst of rap’s new underground without sacrificing the unbridled aggression of his punk roots. KozL0ve’s debut single, Long Lost, wonderfully demonstrates this emotional duality and shows a wealth of potential in this exciting new artist.


Who are your top 5 influences? Definitely Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. He’s the dude that got me into the kind of music I’m making now. He’s an innovator, and I think as a writer he doesn’t get enough credit for writing songs that work universally, like he can play them with a backing track or just an acoustic guitar and they just take on completely different vibes, it’s inspiring. Other than that I’ve always kind of looked to the different bands for influences. Pianos Become the Teeth, The Antlers, La Dispute, The Hotelier, just bands that aren’t afraid to push boundaries and shake expectations. I dont think any artist should want to be predictable, and they can always stay fresh and write music that tears you apart.


When are your new projects coming out? This is the new project. My debut single “Long Lost” dropped in late January and I’ve got a few more songs I’m finishing up right now. I’m always writing, and I’ve got some ideas for an EP, but obviously that would depend on whether people even wanna hear more from me.


What helped you get into music? I’ve always dealt with depression, and music has always been the place I went to for help. when I was younger I’d just sit in my room all day and listen to these angry, sad bands because they felt the same way I did, and through that music I felt like I found a healthy way to deal with my issues. That feeling you get when you scream along to a song that perfectly describes whats killing you at the moment? That’s what helped get me into music, that’s the shit.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? I don’t know about fans, but I wanna tell my friends how much it means that they’re supporting me. I know this is a big shift and this music is still weird for a lot of people, so it’s cool to have friends that’ll back you for no other reason than because they know you really believe in what you’re making, it feels awesome.


What are your biggest goals for 2018? I just wanna make sure as many people as possible hear my music. I’m not trying to be rich; all my songs are free, if I do merch it won’t be too expensive, I just like the music I’m making and I want other people to like it too.

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