Paul Rice

  1. Exclusive Interview 

    BIO Just to shorten it up, I’m Paul Rice, 23 years old, a small town “MAN” who turned into a Rap Artist from Union, SC ! Very confident, truthful, outgoing & fun I kinda started rapping at an early age, back then I really didn’t know what I was doing, it was just for fun to me and just saying anything that came to mind, form hearing crzy beats and making up my own words.

    Top 5 Influences? 1. Nicki 2. Jay 3. BIGGIE 4. Wayne 5. Kendrick

    New Projects? As far as new projects goes, I have a project coming out later this year that I’m still working on Titled it basically touches how different I am, touched on a small portion of what I’ve been through in my life, dealing w/ being judged, talked about, betrayed, for just who I am as a person from even Family. I have a single or 2 that I’ll be releasing in March, I still really dk which 2 or when they’ll be released but definitely in March

    What helped you get into music? Ummmmmm just my inspirations, because I wasn’t going to do it, but when I started experiencing life and just going through stuff, I just felt like I had a lot to tell and talk about and I wanted to do it through my music, ALSO ! I just felt like ppl need to hear real RAP again, not this mumble rap shit that’s going on, and that’s what I’m bringing to the table. Actually talking about shit not just making a bunch of words rhyme and doing shit just to impress and get approval from niggas, I have a lot to say and address in my music, not only that but also Nicki kinda drove me to do music, after watching her come up DVD’s and being so driven and dedicated and so hard working, from rapping on a stair case and selling mixtapes out the back of her car. So that’s basically what actually motivated me

    Anything to tell your fans?  I actually don’t have a big fan base lol I’m trying to get that established now. But I would tell my upcoming fans, that do you, and be great at it don’t let no one determine your future or tell you what you should and should not be, be the best you, you can be, work hard for what you want in life and never depend on anyone. & just Never give up on yourself. LIVE YOUR LIVE FOR YOU

    Biggest Goals for 2018? I wanna TOUR Book some performances in different states Secure more bags Release my debut album & a small EP & have it do AMAZING and just get noticed and get out there in the world I just wanna make it

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