$ L E 4 Z E

  1. kyq0K54v_400x400

    Exclusive Interview 

    BIO I’m sle4ze from 40boyzent I’m definitely a rockstar for sure there’s no other artist like me I’m a very rare breed I do this for my gang & my fans & of course for the love I’m a genuine person trying to make it to take care of myself & everyone I love originally I’m from Maryland but moved to va when I was like 14 or 15 that’s when I met my brothers 40 boyz so I’m putting on for the dmv all the way I’m just grinding right now becoming the rockstar I was meant to be

    Top 5 influences? definitely gotta say 40boyz they’ve been here thru everything without them there is no sle4ze id say ASAP man no bs my brother dirtbag put me onto yams really rip a legend & yeah I fuck with them heavy if like to sign with them if I did choose to sign uh Jimi Hendrix without a doubt man like I said I’m a rockstar & he’s like god & then Kurt cobain rip these legends other then I’d say 90s rap In General i was born in 95 so of course came up on biggie Tupac list gos on

    What got you into music? When I was young I discovered I could write songs & always told myself this is what I’m gonna do & I put into action when I was 15 really & then started really taking it serious a few years ago I’ve always been into music it’s my 1st true love

    Anything to tell your fans? I wanna let my fans know that I never thought anyone would show me any love or like my music & without the people that support me & my music this wouldn’t be possible I’m slowly but surely on my way to making it & I won’t ever stop grinding for myself my brothers or my fans!

    New Projects? Oh new projects man I got so much I gotta work on to many to name all of them a lot of producers have been blessing my email with that fire so just know this year I will be dropping a lot keeping my foot on everyone’s neck!

    Biggest Goals of 2018? My biggest goals for 2018 is to push myself to the limits & make this POP OFF I wanna be on a world tour I’m talented enough to do it & I deserve it DONT FORGET THE NAME SLE4ZE because soon it will be mention with the biggest names & I will continue to be me & stay humble through it all.

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