DJ Phanatic Beats

  1. Exclusive Interview

    Top 5 Influences? My Top 5 influences would be Timbaland, Pharrell, Dr Dre, Nas, and Diddy. Each one is influential not only in musical ways but in other areas as well. Timbaland as a producer inspires to dare to be different & not just do what’s in at the moment, and of course his music is out of this world creative. Pharrell is similar as being different, but has a sense of simplicity but at the same time it’s complex & people gravitate to his music. Dr Dre just has that gift where you know immediately that it’s him that had his touch on whatever song hes a part of. His drums & sounds are just tremendous. I also respect how he took what he loved and explored other business ventures. Nas is just the man, he always rapped about what he experienced in a poetic way, I still to this day listen to his music and can paint pictures in my mind. Just raw passion and talent, reminds me of 2 Pac. Diddy, his motivation & drive is crazy. I admit years ago in the beginning I used to hate on him a little but I respect his hustle to be the greatest at what he chooses. You can’t knock someone that has that massive action and seems to be living the life because of it. Those are my influences and a little breakdown off the top of my head.

    New Projects?  I have two beat tapes under my belt that I’m proud of & have been getting great feedback & love called “Trap Glory” & “The Evolution of a Music Producer” I’m giving those out to artist that sign up on my site currently, which is 30 free beats. My next project coming out is all for the artist that need that extra push & exposure, I’m doing a mixtape with select artist featured on my beats and it should come out at the end of March. I’m also working on another beat tape to follow shortly after that. I have a lot of projects behind the scenes I’m working on with artists. I recently was selected to be an official Beat Stars Ambassador for the DC area, so really looking forward to that & I was selected to be in a Beat Showcase for Istandard in DC on March 20th. So I have a lot going on, which is great!

    What helped me get into music? I can write a lot here lol, but to keep it short., I was born in the birth place of hip hop around where it started popping off. I truly believe it was the creative energy that just drove me to music. My parents are pretty young and always played the latest music from the streets. That’s what brought me into being a DJ & Producer. I even played in marching bands, orchestras, choirs, guitar etc. just couldn’t stay away from it and vice versa. Traveling most of my life as well helped me respect lots of different music as well. 

    Anything to tell your fans? The one thing I would tell my fans, thank you for taking the time to listen. I know they’re so many distractions in the world but being that you stopped to hear what I did & show love, that means everything to me & you haven’t seen it all yet! Don’t be afraid to be you & you truly can do or be ANYTHING!

    Biggest Goals for 2018? My biggest goals for 2018 is to get some more music placed on some TV/Film shows & video games. Another goal, is to get placements with a few major artist. By the end of this year I want to be at least nominated for a Grammy, which would be dope! I don’t care which artist I work with lol…it’s just been a long time coming & would mean a lot to me.

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