Casey Cope


Exclusive Interview 


BIO Casey Cope Is A 22-Year-Old Artist From San Leandro, CA. He Creates Almost All Of His Music Himself, From Writing To Production To Mixing.


Top 5 Influences? Influences Stem From 90s-00s Rock, Pop-Rock, Indie, And New Era Hip-Hop In no particular order, my top 5 influences are probably The 1975, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Green Day, and Pharrell.


New Projects? My debut EP Indigo Blues comes out March 9. I’d say it’s 65% rap 35% indie rock.


What got you into music? I always wrote little jingles around the house as a kid, I always loved being creative. I’d initially planned to hit 800 homeruns but I turned 13 and couldn’t hit a curveball so I turned to music.


Anything to say to your fans? I literally have one fan, her name is Joy. She’s a fuckin G. Homegirl been following me since I was like 17 which is wild. I’ll take her with me to the Grammys or something one day. Gotta reward her.


Biggest Goals of 2018? My biggest goals right now are to build my mailing list and gain traction for my projects coming out this year. It’s time to make a name for myself.

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