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    Exclusive Interview 

    BIO 24 year old producer from pittsburgh pa. started producing when i was 21. been here my entire life but moving to nashville this summer to open a recording studio w/ my boy Ian French & work on music down there.

    Top 5 influences? In no specific order.. Metro Boomin..Purps of 808 mafia..Ian French..thats about it.

    New Projects? as far as projects go im just focusing on getting more beats on my site right now & networking w/ artists / other producers trying to grow and work with more people. I do have a project on Spotify Apple music etc. w/ my boy CA the don called “Forward” that him and I joint released. Also have a lot in the works w/ Le’Veon Bell but no clue when all that music is gonna release.

    What got you into music? I got into music when I was 21 yrs old & a senior at Duquesne (college in Pittsburgh) living in the Southside. Big time bar scene down there and I never been real big into partying and going to bars or clubs. I got sick of staying in and playing video games on weekends and knew I needed some type of productive hobby that let me express myself and be creative. I just remember stumbling on Metro Boomin good cookup videos one night at like 4 am and thinking this is the coolest shit i ever seen. Bought a laptop and MIDI keyboard a few days later and never slowed down

    Anything to tell your fans? I don’t have fans & at this point i think thats a weird term but i’d tell anyone they can manifest their dreams if they’re hell bent on making something happen. As long as you work towards your goals everyday and keep a positive mental attitude stuff will fall in place. I’m still trying to establish myself enough to work on music full time but I know it’s going to happen because of my work ethic & attitude. I think it’s more important to be effective rather than efficient. By that I mean it doesn’t matter how efficient you are if you’re not focused on the right things. Focus on the things that are going to get you where you want to be as quickly as possible. For me thats working on networking and marketing right now and taking a small step back from just making beats all the time.

    Biggest goals for 2018?  Biggest goals are to release multiple projects with artists that i executive produced the entire album.. get a few big placements.. relocate to Nashville.. and to become financially independent off selling beats online so that i can backpack the world & make beats in 2019. thats the end goal for right now. 

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