1. Exclusive Interview 

    BIO: So okay, well let me start by introducing myself. My name is Briana Erich, i’m 22 years old i’m from Frederick Maryland, current living in Charles Town West Virginia i’ve been writing music since i was in high school but i’ve always been an music addict.

    Top 5 influences? My grandma has to be my biggest influence, she showed me that even when you get knocked down hard you gotta get back up and push even harder than the fall. My mom influenced me to always be myself, and never let anyone bring me down. My mans Bo (he passed away March of 2016) he was family friend. great man, he believed in me when i didn’t even believe in myself, told me that i had to keep pushing with my music because i had a gift. now Eminem was my first inspiration (celebrity wise) to start writing, he just showed me it’s okay to put your life into words and let the people know and even if people didn’t like what you had to say then screw em, at least you’re keepin it real. Machine Gun Kelly motivates the f*ck outta me to always remain true to myself no matter what the world has to say.

    New Projects? I’m currently working on my first project “Wake Up” looking to drop at the end of this month, tryna get this movement going.. tryna get this year poppin.

    What got you into music? Honestly what got me into music was the amount of music i would listen to as a kid, all different kinds of genres.. from 2000s R&B to hard rock to country just everything. when i listened to music, i just didn’t listen to the beat or how the artists sound. i heard every lyric, i felt every scream. i related to music more than anything or anyone so right then and there i knew that music wasn’t just a sound it’s a shoulder to cry on, a wall that’ll listen. i wanted to be that, scratch that i want to be that artist that EVERYONE can relate to, that artist that EVERYONE can listen to. i just really wanna change the world.

    Anything to tell your fans?  One thing i would tell my fans is that if people talk down on you when you’re tryna get yours. Take their words as a lesson, make it your motivation.. push harder than ever before. don’t ever give up on your dream bc of someone else, they don’t see what you see.

    Goals For 2018? My biggest goals for 2018 is to have more show, get my song on the radio, and have my first sold out show. There’s more to me than words, i’m a cool down to earth kinda person. i just wanna make it, and live life the way i’ve always dreamed of with my family, my team and my fans.

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