Ankr Gang

Exclusive Interview 

BIOWe are Ankr Gang from Dallas, Texas. I’m Smuuv AG and my brother is Dru Pablo.

Top 5 Influences?Our top 5 influences are Prince, Michael Jackson, Jodeci, Phil Collins, and Bob Marley.

New Projects?Right now we don’t have a set date but it is in the works, but I would say probably late 2018.

What got you into music?Well music is in our blood, it’s something that we can’t run away from. We get it from both sides, our dad and our mom, so it’s deeply rooted.

Anything to tell your fans?We would tell our fans to stay grounded at whatever you want to do, have faith, and be patient, if you work hard your time will come. Also keep real and positive people around you.

Biggest Goals for 2018?Our biggest goals for 2018 is to get our music heard, I think once we get our music heard everything else will fall in place. Our second goal is to start doing shows. Those are our main goals for 2018.

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