Caz Chill

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    Exclusive Interview 

    BIO Caz Chill started producing music and writing in the Mecca of hip-hop, New York city. He began on a drum machine in combination with the “MTV music generator” for playstation. Caz moved to Virginia to pursue music further. Over time he has amassed a library of instrumentals as well as studied mixing, mastering and the recording process. Over the past year, Caz has released two projects, one EP titled “Hashtags and ashes” in October of 2016 and an LP titled “SWIM” in April of 2017. The latter was an experiment fully engineered by Caz, solely out of a lack of resources. He is currently on a U.S. tour and plans on releasing a new EP by the beginning of 2018 titled “ENERGY”. As a self taught piano and guitar player with a love for classic instruments, he also plays a small keys section in a band by the name of “Off the dome” out of Harrisonburg, VA. Caz’s future endeavors are strictly based around being involved with the music industry in many different aspects.

    Top 5 influences? Jay-Z, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Kool G Rap and Kid Cudi

    New Projects? I have a new project slated for release by January or February 2018 called “ENERGY”

    What got you into music? The two things that drew me into music were my mother and video games. My mother would always play old soul records and I was first introduced to production through the medium of the MTV Music generator for the Sony playstation.

    Anything to tell your fans? I would like to tell my fans to unapologetically be who YOU are! Be the best you everyday and strive for greatness in all aspects of your lives. Influence the world in your own way. Oh yeah, and thank you for your continued support! Let’s finish this journey together!

    Goals for 2018? My goals for the coming year would be to release this project, put out the visual for my single “I’m the man”, do another tour or two and possibly sign a record deal to get more regional and national attention.

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