Exclusive Interview  BIO: Well hi my name is Jax I’m a rapper from plainField New Jersey  Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences are Eminem Chance the rapper, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, and Fabulous. What helped you get into music? Was just always being a fan and playing around with different styles with different people, like when … More Jax


  Exclusive Interview    Bio: Alright well im 24 i was born jan 23 1994 In santa maria California i was raised by a single mother for the most part my father left when i was two i was raised in Sacramento and san jose California then back to Santa Maria..my mother ended up going … More Qu3st


 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW  BIO Arbil was born in Kansas City Missouri but grew up in Compton, California. Arbil worked for Motown Records under Hazel and Jermaine Jackson in the fall of 1979. Arbil was the hair dresser for for Jermaine’s album cover “Let’s get serious” and was the person responsible for the look (Hair) of the … More ARBIL


        Exclusive Interview      BIO I’m 28, and I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I have a twin and I am the only girl of four brothers.   Top 5 Influences? I have a lot of influences when it comes to my music, but the main people that stick … More KRIS10


  Exclusive Interview    Give us your bio After arriving in California jobless, homeless, and separated from his band, Daniel Love (The Coma Kids) found himself starting from scratch. However, as he began to build a new musical foundation, Love found himself becoming increasingly disillusioned with both the genre and culture of punk. This disconnect … More kozL0ve

Paul Rice

Exclusive Interview  BIO Just to shorten it up, I’m Paul Rice, 23 years old, a small town “MAN” who turned into a Rap Artist from Union, SC ! Very confident, truthful, outgoing & fun I kinda started rapping at an early age, back then I really didn’t know what I was doing, it was just … More Paul Rice


  Exclusive Interview    Bio: Born in Atlanta and raised in Gwinnett County. I go by Zae. I claim Nawfside Atlanta all day and I LOVE TO PUT ON FOR MY CITY YA DIG. WE FDN!!My top 5 influences would prolly be Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Bone-Thugz N Harmony, Playboi Carti definitely and yeah LIL … More Zae FDN


Exclusive Interview  BIO: I go by VON. I’m from Atlanta but I also used to live in Memphis. My top 5 influences would be Childish Gambino, Lil B, Ludacris, Dr. Seuss and Yoko Shimomura.  New Projects? I can’t declare a solo project just yet, but there will definitely be another mixing project releasing in the … More VON.

DJ Phanatic Beats

Exclusive Interview Top 5 Influences? My Top 5 influences would be Timbaland, Pharrell, Dr Dre, Nas, and Diddy. Each one is influential not only in musical ways but in other areas as well. Timbaland as a producer inspires to dare to be different & not just do what’s in at the moment, and of course … More DJ Phanatic Beats

$ L E 4 Z E

Exclusive Interview  BIO I’m sle4ze from 40boyzent I’m definitely a rockstar for sure there’s no other artist like me I’m a very rare breed I do this for my gang & my fans & of course for the love I’m a genuine person trying to make it to take care of myself & everyone I … More $ L E 4 Z E