Xxodys The Intellekt

  1. Exclusive Interview 

    Give us your bioXxtraordinary Xxpressions Of a Driven Young Souldier who Xxecutes Xxcellently, One Day You’ll See. He is The Intellekt, and he is hip hop’s newest voice. Enter Xxodys The Intellekt. What do you get when you take a journey with Xxodys The Intellekt? You will see a product of the Golden Era of Hip Hop. You will hear an everyman emcee that brings truth to power and uses hip hop as a motivational and thought-provoking tool designed to equip the listeners for whatever they may face. You will see an emcee that is original and believes in originality in his music. You will hear an emcee with many influences, from life to entertainment, to music. You will hear the lyrics and thoughts of a savage poet. Xxodys The Intellekt is an emcee that loves hearing a message in music, and one that loves delivering a message in music by speaking on subjects that all people can relate to and identify with. Xxodys The Intellekt is here. The savage poet is ready to speak. The question is, will you listen to what he has to say?

    Who are your top 5 influences? My top five influences are the Dungeon Family, Nas, Common, Wu-Tang Clan and Public Enemy.

    When are your new projects coming out? My upcoming album 2084 is set to be released in April (tentatively). The subsequent projects Warrior Psalms and Movement Muzyk 2.0 are to be announced later.

    What happened to get you into music? I’ve always been a fan of music, and hip hop in general. I remember being like 9 or 10 years old listening to hip hop. I would sneak and watch Rap City as much as I could. I would catch Eric B. & Rakim, Public Enemy, or any of the other great artists/groups at the time and just wonder how I can do that. My brother-in-law turned me on to The D.O.C. I remember hearing the “No One Can Do It Better” album and being in awe of how The D.O.C. was spitting his lyrics. His bars were truly amazing. One day, my brother-in-law decided to bring a boombox to my mom’s house to record. He beatboxed, and I ended up freestyling to his beatboxing. Now that was dope to me because I loved the cadence of the beatbox, and of many hip hop songs that I learned the lyrics to when I was younger. After the freestyle session with my brother-in-law happened, I decided to keep writing poetry, and keep rapping as well. I listened to a lot of hip hop that would come on the radio, and I would record a lot of the songs so that I could vibe to them or learn from them. I would sit in the floor with two boom boxes; one for the music, and one to record my vocals. Those were some play around mixtapes, but I learned so much from doing them. I sit now and imagine where I would be if I never got to have that experience. I ask myself would I even be into music, or would I still be writing rhymes, or making beats. I’m grateful for that experience because that was pivotal in helping to shape who I have become as an emcee.

    What is the one thing that you would tell your fans? I must speak straight from the soul on this one. The one thing that I would tell my fans is that I am grateful for their support. It’s been such a long journey. There were times that I wanted to give it up and let this go. I felt that way because of trying to fit the mainstream’s standard. I’m independent, and I have not compromised, and will not compromise. I make music for the people that are going through some things, and for those that want to be motivated. I make music for a myriad of reasons. I am grateful for those that have listened and liked what they’ve heard, and I’m grateful for those that have listened and may not have liked it. The way that I see it is that there was another ear that was reached either way it goes. I don’t expect to have mainstream fans and numbers. I sincerely appreciate what I do have and will never take it for granted. Thank you to the people from my soul to yours.

    Biggest goals for 2017/2018? I must keep putting content out for the fans, and for those that may potentially want to rock with me. I am in the growth stages, and I want to continue growing with this music. I want to reach some listeners that will grow with me as well. Like I said, I may not have the mainstream numbers and plays, but I have the substance. I have what many may need musically. But how will they know what I have if they don’t rock with me? I want to be able as well to reach more people from different corners of the world with the music. I aim to have the music heard in different countries this year!!! I have been laying the foundation as far as my brand, and I am all about growing and expanding my brand as I continue to make this music. I am working on doing a house show DVD as well, that is a huge goal! Stay tuned for that one!!! As the time progresses, the goals will become clearer and more concise.

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