1. Exclusive Interview 

    Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences are Travis Scott, Migos, Denzel Curry, Future and Michael Jackson. These are my top 5 for the creativity and impact on their fan base i would love a fan base as great as theirs

    New Projects? I have a couple projects coming out this year called future revolution which ill be dropping in the spring and another project called Young Elite which will be dropping at the end of summer

    What helped you get into music? What helped me get into music is the politics and symbolic movements you can imply to your community through music during hard times and another reason how i got into music is my older cousin tought me how to operate audio equipment and ever since then i ran off with creativity about audio production and now im doing on a different scale

    Anything to tell your fans? One thing i wanna tell my fans is that im looking forward to come to your cities and perform live shows and get it active looking forward to reach out to a crowd that supports me and if you do support me or want to support me just follow me on my social media accounts in my bio let me know your out there to influence me

    Biggest Goals of 2018? My biggest goals in 2018 is to recruit enough people to start a movement that can impact the young lives in our communities people forget young minds are the answer to tomorrows questions

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