1. Exclusive Interview 

    Top 5 Influences? Top 5 influences have got to be hoodie Allen, Migos, Led Zeppelin, ski mask, and Mozart

     New Projects? My first ever project is called twist and it will be out within the next 2 months but probably sooner than that. I’m going up to suny Oswego next weekend to visit my producer as he is currently mastering the project which was recorded out of a small room in his house. So there should be a release date set hella soon and the release date won’t be far off. We will have 2 singles know better and sweet love avenue dropping before the project hits

     What got you into music? Straight boredom got me into music. I always was shit at school. ADHD as hell cant pay attention, shit if it wasn’t for my parents I would have failed out no doubt. During my final year of high school aidan(my prod) and I had the same lunch period and everyday we would go to the school music room and play the various instruments we would find there and we would also hook microphones up to speakers and freestyle while the other person laid down a beat on the drum kit or played one over their phone. During that time we both taught ourselves the drums as best we could and the fun that we had during those times eventually turned into inspiration to start making our own music. Some teachers would try and kick us out of the room but others loved how much fun we had and would break the rules a little bit to keep us in there without the school office finding out. Shoutout to Vern and babes those are my bitches. So yeah I needed something to do with my life and it wasn’t gonna be school or a 9-5

     Anything to tell your fans? I’d tell my fans don’t try and be like me, on some real Tyler shit I’m not a fucking role model. Don’t be inspired by my music to be like me be inspired by my music to be yourself to the fullest extent.

     Goals for 2018? My goals for 2018 are to grow and strengthen mentally and physically everyday. And to fuck Alisha boe. She my lil boe boo

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