Exclusive Interview 


BIO Hailing from the streets of Chicago it’s the fiery mc known as Lyrikil. Born in Chicago and raised in Ford Heights, Il also known as Easy Greazy on Drexel Ave (N.O.D.B). Lyrikil took real life experiences and transformed them into art. Influenced by artist such as Nas and Rakim, Lyrikil chose to model his style after artist he felt were true lyricist. At age 10 he started writing but he would not allow anyone to hear his rhyme until his freshman year in highschool. While in highschool he and a few childhood friends formed a group called Genasyde with whom he recorded his first song called Venomous Styles. His style depends on his mood and the beat. His new single On My Grind is basically the story of his life in a lyrical master piece. He said he called it On My Grind because it’s about life which is a constant struggle and the only way to survive is to grind to get out of that hole. Lyrikil substance, honesty, skills, and versatility separates him from most artist out. His love for lyricism plays a major part in the music he creates. He started rapping because he loves music and aspires to become legendary while sharing a piece of himself with the world.


Top 5 Influences?  Nas, Pac, Biggie, Rakim, and Big Pun


New Projects? My album “On My Grind” will be out in February and I’m working on a mixtape now “Put it in the air!!! Vol 3


What got you into music? It was something I’ve always loved to do.


Anything to say to your fans? Always follow your heart and chase your dreams. If you fail, at least you tried. Keep Grinding.


Biggest Goals for 2018? My biggest goal for 2018 is to become closer to legendary status than I was in 2017.

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