Snowy Joey Born



Exclusive Interview 


BIO My name is Josiah Jackson but I go as Snowy Joey Born and raised on the south side of Chicago 23 yr old college student


Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences are Drake, Frank Ocean, Chance The Rapper, Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar


New Projects? There is no set timetable for my new projects. The plan is to complete and release one before the end of spring and another one during the fall. Those projects are still in the works. In between time I plan on collaborating with some of my favorite artists in the city. I also plan on being in as well as curating more shows. Oh, I also plan on releasing some visuals this year. I’m very excited


What got you into music? Throughout my whole life I’ve been in and surrounded by music. Growing up in church I’ve watched my mom and sister Sing in the choir. My dad would often sing around the house too and play gospel music from the 90s. My brother was a drummer and would often listen to old Jay as well as 50, DMX, and Nas when I was younger. I eventually sang in the choir when I got old enough to do so and I did it for a while. Later on down the line as I was going into high school I begin to write music. All and all I really just needed an outlet and a safe space to create and express myself the way I felt I needed to. A lot of times I have troubles saying what I have to say or how I feel and for some years now writing has been my way of speaking honestly from the heart. Not saying that I don’t do that in person, but I find it easier for me to do so in music.


Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans is I really feed off of their energy and they help me go forward and harder everyday. I know that sounds cliche and redundant but that’s the honest truth. It’s because of them I continue to grow and expand my boundaries. Also I would tell them they’re not fans, but they’re family.


Biggest Goals for 2018? One of my biggest goals this year is to perform in my school’s biggest concert. It’s called Spark in the Park, and every fall the school brings in one or two well known artists to perform. It would be an honor and dream come true if I could open for the show this upcoming fall. I know it might sound crazy and unobtainable to some people, but I know anything is possible.

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