Edwin Hosoomel

  1. Edwin Hosoomel

    Exclusive Interview 

    BIO: His musical passion and journey began with Reggae music and went from there to HipHop (… still loving them), evolving then in some kind of mix of both.  All this path led him as singer-songwriter to the sounds of Alternative R&B

    Top 5 Influences? Lauryn Hill, Prodigy, Oasis, Jay-Z, James Blake

    New Project? Release: well I am dropping out the new tracks individually as singles. I think i will release the first 4 Tracks in that way and then release the whole EP. I think July 2018. Trying to get it done without having a label or something like that behind me, is a huge challenge, but at the same time perfect, since I am 100% free to do whatever I want and express and develop my ideas the way I want.

    What helped me get into music? When I was 6 years old and a record machine came to my hands. Those REC and PLAY buttons…that´s it. That moment when I discovered that I could record and listen to myself… uuhhh boy! it simply blew my mind. But it wasn’t until now, that I really believe I can do it…that I can make something out of music.

    Anything to tell your fans?  BE YOUR SELF! No matter what! Now days everything seems to be fake, nothing seems to be real. Just be you. There is nothing wrong with it.
    Biggest goals for 2017? I already achieved it but it was completely unexpected. I was nominated in Germany as “best Rhythm & Blues singer”. I was really in shock! Since I just have two tracks so far!!. But it felt great :). For the 2018 the goal is to tour everywhere possible and to have that live connection with the public

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