Rudy McFly

Exclusive Interview 

Who is McFly? McFly enters the hip-hop coliseum wielding his completely unguarded style: Using his precisely chosen lyrics to outline, while the beat fills in the rest, creating a masterpiece. Ready to battle the stigmas of the old-head issue of “Mumble rap”. •

How would you describe your style? He visualizes his artistic ability as a result of just enough bars over the perfect beat. Rather than being placed into some monolith of what rappers should be, The south Evanston native paints the most coherent picture. McFly often pairs his music with visuals of anime, a fast-paced representation of how the artist’s mind is constantly brewing up heat. McFly is certainly an artist to keep an eye out for. •

What interests you outside of music? He points to his interest in fiction, as well as screenwriting as he inspiration for writing. As a kid, he often visualized extra movies scenes in his head. That was until music then became the perfect medium for Rudy to express himself through writing and converting it into the ears of his listeners. 

Which artists inspire you most? Rudy pulls his musical influence from artists such as Big Sean and A$AP Ferg. Artists he considers to be “The most genuine in the rap game”. They paint clear pictures of their subjective experiences while also giving you a beat that slaps 

What Inspires you to write, outside of hip hop itself? One major component that drives me to write has always been the fact that I wanted to write novels and stories in general ever since I was young. Like when I was 5 or 6, I would always watch my favorite tv shows and wish they added more action or another scene and it would just play out in my head unless I wrote it down or drew it out. Eventually, music became an easier medium for me to use as I was introduced into poetry and those kinds of sounds. 

What music genre inspires your creative process the most? No brainer, it’s always drum and bass. Specifically, liquid drum and bass. The tempo is perfected for my fast pace mind, but the meat of the music is usually dreamy and melodic; definitely not for everyone, but I seem to thrive with it, its been my favorite type of music since like 8th grade. Now, it’s not the most listened to genre in my library but I listen to my library on shuffle anyway. 

If you could talk to a specific artist and receiver pointers who would it be? If I was thinking of someone alive, it would either be A$ap Ferg or Big Sean. Those two to me are the most genuine in the rap game when it comes to talking experiences and creative outlets. I’d have to ask if I was on the right path; I think that’s something that every artist struggles with; if they’re doing things the right way but also their own unique way. •

How do you see yourself in the current battle between lyricism and bangers. Are the two one in the same for you? I would say that those [Lyricism & bangers] are different concepts but the best artist are able to bring them together, Ferg really comes to mind with this concept. I think I’m siding more on minimal lyricism; where I’m trying to paint the most coherent picture with my words while trying to use as little complexity as possible. Maybe as I grow as an artist, I’ll shift away from that mindset.

Favorite food? Gotta be some type of pasta. it doesn’t take long to prepare or learn a new recipe and you can always customize it however you want from the meats down to the sauces.

Haitian music influences? I don’t go seeking out Haitian music, maybe that’s a sin on me being full blood, but honestly I get enough of that shit when my parents play it. 

How would you frame yourself on the spectrum of artist ranging from hood (gangster rappers) to those that capitalized off a more suburban feel (Macklemore, mac miller)?  If hood was at 0 and suburban was at 100, I would say im like 45. But I don’t wanna be held to those kinds of standards; I feel like my style is unique enough to become its own sub genre in the hip hop world. •

How long does it take to pick the right bar/beat? When it comes to lyrics, It comes to me in inspirational burst. I might have a line stuck in my head and it comes out into a whole chorus or a whole 16. As far as the beat, if it makes me my face cruel up and makes me bob my head, Its getting chosen. But my writing lyrics and beat producing or choosing are too separate events that I merge together in the studio. 

Who are your top 5 influences? My top influences gotta be Big Sean, A$ap Mob, Camp Lo (some old school shit), Waka Flocka Flame (buddy a beast, still got songs on the radio from 2009), & Mick Jenkins; Honorable mention to Tay K, he beat the case, proud of that lil monster. •

When are your new projects coming out? Right now, I’m just releasing a few singles but I’m working with my Music Collective and were trying to release some joint shit sometime in 2018; hopefully before the summer. 

What helped you get into music? I’ve always been a writer, ya know. I enjoyed manipulating words and such to make a whole different meaning in a sentence or a phrase or a song. My homie, Kyle, got me into music forreal. I got him to write and after a while he was like fuck it bro, let’s go preform these joints. We went to an open mic that night and after that the birth of Rudy McFly happened. •

What is one thing you would tell your fans? Showing love means so much to an artist, it’s literally the fuel that helps us make more music. So, for everyone that’s been rocking with me so far, THANK YOU. All this growth and progression is for you, ultimately.

What are your biggest goals for 2018? My biggest goal is just to be able to travel and see NRG’s influence grow across the nation. I’m hitting Cali, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, Illinois, Florida, and much much more with a vengeance!

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