Focal Natural


Exclusive Interview 


Who are your top 5 influences?As far as producers go I would say my top five influences are Kanye, The Emancipator, Pharrell, Russ, and EDEN. I think people really sleep on Russ as a producer, and most people have never heard of EDEN which blows my mind. Everything he puts out is insane. Look him up on soundcloud.


When are your new projects coming out?This year I am actually going to steer clear of projects and focus on releasing at least two beats/songs every week. I really like working on full projects; I like creating a theme and atmosphere and trying to make every track fit together but i’ve found that I am prone to take longer on projects as opposed to holding myself to a goal of at least two track every week. Right now I have to focus on exposure so I can’t take a month or two to work on a project without releasing anything.


What helped you get into music?I am as DIY as it gets. No one helped me get into music and no one has ever taught me anything. I started producing a little over two years ago and had to learn from the ground up, I didn’t even know what chords or scales were when I started. I am a testament to tenacity. Everything I know is self taught, and while it took me much longer than it would have had I had some guidance, I believe that having to learn on my own has helped me create a style that is unique.


What is one thing you would tell your fans?Well, that’s one reason I am here. As of now I wouldn’t say I have any fans, maybe a couple people who stumbled across my soundcloud page and liked my beats but nothing significant. As I said before, I’ve spent the last two years really focusing on the music and not promotion. Marketing is ineffective if the product is low quality, and I now believe that my product is finally up to par.


What are your biggest goals for 2017?Exposure exposure exposure. Now that I have a decent size library of high quality beats I will be pushing my brand hard. As far a specific goals, I would like to find a artist or few artists that I work well with to produce for. I’m not naive, I don’t expect to just start promoting myself and all of a sudden be producing tracks for major artists. I understand that everything is a process, and I enjoy the process. I think struggle is necessary for longevity. I also hope to gain some recognition as a stand alone artist; aside from producing hip-hop/RnB tracks I also make full length songs spanning genres from future bass to singer songwriter to straight piano compositions. Be on the lookout and follow me on soundcloud and twitter . And, of course, if you are looking for beats get in contact with me, they are free (for the time being).

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