Exclusive Interview 



BIO I’m YakTheGod, born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. I work primarily with JoeDope, a small group of musicians and artists who have been collaborating regularly for over a year now. I produce, mix, and master the tracks for the team and in my spare time I work on my solo stuff, ie. vocals, graphic design, personal tracks etc.


Top 5 Influences? My top five influences would look something like this

– Aesop Rock

– MF Doom

– Modest Mouse

– TeamSesh


New Projects? I am releasing my first solo track near the end of the month so stay tuned for that. The members of JoeDope and I will be dropping tracks on the regular after, so check out Windows95, Lil Blitz, PorterBates and Yung Bowh for more.


What got you into music? Music helped me cope with all the crazy shit that has happened in my life. Eventually I started analyzing the lives of artists I looked up to and noticed that a lot of these people aren’t very different from myself, or have had similar experiences. I decided I would start making beats, rapping, and singing my own songs. Been moving ever since.


Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell the fans is that my team and I have been working hard to produce higher quality content and you can look forward to seeing it all come to fruition this year. Also, I’m changing up a lot so if you think you know my voice you don’t.


Biggest Goals? Biggest goal for 2018 is to reach 500,000+ plays, 5k+ subs, and perform in a different country.

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