Exclusive Interview 

BIO: My name is Jcoree aka YBJR THE MONSTA im an independent recording artist from Clovis New Mexico but currently live in Colorado springs Colorado.  Hopefully u get to know me and my music can change your life.

Who are your top influences? Kid Cudi Kanye west Hodgy Beats Kendrick Lamar When are your new projects coming out?: In the near future im working on some new music but my most recent project just dropped in November called Keep Moving Forward

What helped you get into music? ive always loved music but kanye’s college drop out and my brother pat pushing me in the right direction got me in to rapping.

What is one thing you would tell your fans? Stop taking life for granted and start taking advantage of the time you have don’t have an ill do it tomorrow mind set do everything today so u can focus on something new tomorrow even tho time is unlimited your time isnt so don’t put limitations on yourself you only get as far as you go so keep moving forward.

What are your biggest goals for 2018? start making my own merchandise ,go on tour make some more videos and just continue to grow.

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