1. Exclusive Interview 

    BIO My name is Mason Powell I was born in Rome NY on July 13 1988. I grew up in Durhamville NY then I moved to vernon where I live now. I had a good childhood great parents loving family. High school was kinda hell for me because kids didn’t get this hip hop thing cuz I went to a school in the country called vvs. I was a loner a band geek I guess I loved music always have. Played trumpet for 13 years and started rapping In 1999.

    Top 5 Influences? My top five influential people were Eminem Big Big pun Ludacris Lil flip

    New Projects? New projects always dropping new music always coming out. Album will be coming out in June 2018.

    What got you into music? My cousin Thomas really helped me alot with equipment and learning to do it myself. I eventually got the hang of it pretty quick.

    Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans would be always be yourself don’t let anything change you.

    Biggest Goals? My biggest goals would be in XXL or something of that sort that would be amazing.

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