Keelan Thomas


Exclusive Interview 


BIO Well my real name is keelan Thomas , I’m 22 years old from Calhoun City Mississippi. My rap name is young Keelo , it’s a name that i took from my dad who used to be a rapper back in the 90s. I feel like a make music that alotta of people don’t make. Ive never really been one to make trap music because I.T just doesn’t feel genuine coming from me.


Top 5 Influences 

1.J. Cole

2. Chance the rapper





New Projects? As for my new projects I’m releasing a new mixtape called The Name List around the end of March. Until then i prolly release a few singles that you can find on my SoundCloud youngkeelo(Hollywood)  i also Jus releases a mixtape on Spinrilla called Handle with care not too long ago


What got you into music? To be honest the main reason i got into music is because my friends made music, I.T wasn’t jus something i always grew up wanting to do. I always felt left out around my homeboys so when i showed them i could write music for real they started to take me serious and now it jus something I’ve fell in love with.


Anything to tell your fans? I would tell my fans that if i make I.T big don’t be afraid to speak to me , i won’t have a big ego. I’ll remain the same , and just continue to support me cuz i need I.T.


Biggest Goals? My biggest goal for 2018 is to just get my name out there and build a name for myself

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