1. Lejend

    Exclusive Interview 

    Top 5 influences?Nas/Big Daddy Kane/Heiroglyphics/Curtis Mayfield/9th Wonder

    New Projects? Lejend will be releasing his new EP, “Ears & Eyes to the World” with producer M Slago in early 2018 and an EP with Oakland producer Mad B and as yet untitled. He will also be launching his new label, Garvey Prospects Media, with singer B. Marie new EP, Drapetomania.

    What got you into music? My man Champion Mathlete took me under his wings and helped me put out my debut project, Unconditional, in 2005. He taught about a lot of aspects of how to actually bring a project to life. We put in a lot of work together and i will be forever grateful for his tutelage and teachings. i have just continued to build throughout the years and now what i have is bigger than ever.

    Anything to tell your fans?- If you have a dream or idea make sure you pursue with that with purpose and passion. Never let ANYONE dampen that feeling.

    Biggest goals for 2018?Complete 5 projects/ Do at least 150 shows including two major festivals/Provide more content for my fans.

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