Exclusive Interview 

BIO My name is Cope. Knoxville TN, Born and raised. 22 years old. This is just the beginning of a journey to intrinsic success and living a life full of laugh, love, and optimism. My main long term Goal is making my passion a serious source of income. I wanna Influence/inspire other artists to own what makes them independent and speak the truth with their heart.

Top 5 influences? 1- don trip No order from here down 2- ab soul 3-wale 4-Mac Miller 5-drake Middle to end of 2018,

New Projects? no set date for upcoming projects. Wanna collab with more artists of all different genres and produce cross mixes of styles to make something innovate and refreshing.

What got you into music? I’ve always loved music and hip hop especially. Free styling for fun and making BS songs, finally one day I realized that I should be more serious and see what I can produce because in 10 years I don’t wanna look back and say what IF ? And regret not taking any chances in my life and living the way I want to. Not the way any of my friends or my parents wanted me to.

Anything to tell your fans? I would tell my fans thanks for the support and to wait on the new shit cause it’s gonna be so much harder than previous stuff.

Biggest goals of 2018? is to start my business and start networking more. Produce more. Engineer more. Be more. Do more. Live more. Own more. 

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