Exclusive Interview 


Bio: REAL G3NIUS is an 80’s synthwave inspired band. Vocalist Rudi Skiba moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2016 and shortly thereafter met producer, Reed Murray. Reed is an LA native and has been producing music for several years. Rudi writes topline and utilizes her expertise in film editing to create visuals for their music. Listen and be transported back in time with tunes reminiscent of your favorite 80’s movie soundtrack.

Who are your top 5 influences? Rudi: -Debbie Harry: As a performer Debbie has that something, an intangible quality that makes it impossible for the viewer to look away. That’s something that can’t be taught. -David Bowie: He never got in the way of his art, he was the embodiment of it… Like him, I aspire to be so infatuated with my music, that I become it. -Prince: I have always had a hard time choosing between music and film. A lot of my uncertainty was eliminated when I watched Purple Rain.For one of the first times I was thinking, “people this talented don’t have to choose between the two industries!” That was such a big moment. -Madonna: Everything about her is an inspiration to me. She is so versatile and that is the reason why she is still so relevant today…she transforms and mirrors our pop culture to be heard and that’s a gift. -ELO: It’s impossible to be unhappy when you are listening to them. Their music is fully submersive, it transports you to a different dimension. We aim for that in our music. Reed: -Depeche Mode: I was in elementary school when my older brother bought the album ULTRA; It excited and terrified me equally and I was hooked on their dark version of synth-pop ever since. They inspired me to dive into the sounds of one of the most powerful instruments of the 1980’s; The Emulator II. Their blend of acoustic and sampled elements has always inspired me as a guitar player and aspiring programmer/producer. -Daft Punk: I was a fan of their album Homework, but it wasn’t until 2001’s Discovery was released that they hooked me into their world of disco/funk sampling coupled with clean and powerful analog synth leads. -Pink Floyd: There is no other classic rock band quite like Pink Floyd. I fell in love with their progressive experimentation with early synthesizers- that really set them apart from any other artists during their time. -David Gilmour: It’s not what you play, but how you play it. This has always been the way I look at guitar playing. I owe a lot of that to David Gilmour’s work. He inspired a large part of how I play; focusing on tone and playing in the pocket rather than super technical leads that sit on top of the music. -Tears For Fears: They always remind me of the best part of any 80’s movie. Their songs are truly evergreen- not just the songwriting, but the production as well. I’m always actively listening and taking mental notes when anything from Songs from the Big Chair comes on.


New Projects? Rudi: I am working growing our following and marketing what we have currently. We also plan to release other singles and an EP this year. Reed: 2017 was filled with songwriting for us. We produced the first two songs we ever wrote together and we are so happy that they are resonating with people. We are really excited to get to work on recording and producing during the first quarter of 2018 because our best work is still ahead of us. We’ll be releasing our first EP later in 2018 with single releases along the way.


What helped you get into music? Rudi: My mother is a musician and actress, and she always encouraged my interest in the arts. My upbringing was garnished with a number of stage performances. I have been writing complete songs since I was eight; I remember performing an original song with my best friend at our third grade talent show… Hopefully since then I’ve gotten better, but you can’t forget your roots! Reed: I was very fortunate to grow up in a supportive creative family. My brothers are artists and my Father is a recording engineer with 45+ years in the industry. My childhood is full of memories of going to work with him at the studio, spending hours listening to jazz or Latin music. As I grew up my appreciation for the audio engineering craft grew and I’m proud to say that I followed in his footsteps.


What is one thing you’d tell your fans? Rudi: Love yourself! Most less-than-positive feelings spur from insecurity. The sooner you learn to love every facet of yourself, the easier it will be to find your purpose in life…and not only find your purpose, but fulfill it. Reed: Follow your heart, and to try not to measure yourself against what others are doing or have accomplished. If I could do it over again I probably would not have gone to a formal college, but would have dove headfirst into music and production. From elementary school all anyone tells you is to get ready for college and “which university are you going to go to?” Today I think kids should be aware that there are many paths we can take in life and that its ok if you’re terrible at math.


What are your biggest goals for 2018? Rudi: to bring some love into this world, and to get exposure. I think everyone needs a dose of feel good music- why not ours? Reed: I really want to build a more advanced home studio this year, because you can only go so far producing inside the box on software alone. We’d like to release our first EP. Also, meet David Lynch.

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