Exclusive Interview 

BIO We are Frostlight. An indie rock band from an old wild west town called Cody, Wyoming. The band was initially formed by Erika Gill, Maximilian Prill, and Bowen Harper. Each band member comes from a different musical background: Erika has a wide variety–from folk/classic rock, to incorporating cinematic strings. Max has expanded from punk rock, to electronic, to classic rock. And Bowen has always found love in indie/alternative rock. Collectively, we create a very unique sound that make us who we are. And the best is yet to come.

Top 5 Influences?  Our influences are Twin Peaks, Lana Del Rey, Guns N’ Roses, Beatles, Daft Punk. Etc

New Projects? Our next project wont be out for a couple of months because it is three LP’s written completely by each of the members respectively but the first part will be out in a couple of weeks. All the songs as they come out are being posted on our YouTube channel, though.

What got you into music? For Erika it was always a drive and a passion to create music in a band; she has lived and breathed it for her whole life after discovering the Beatles. for Max it was a love of constantly listening to music at all times and learning from the music as he’s listening. and for Bowen, he went to a performing arts middle school that had a special rock band class which he learned the bass, then expanded to guitar.

Anything to tell your fans? Right now we would tell all of our fans thank you. It’s a shaky road, but every ounce of support we’ve received has meant the world and more.

Goals for 2018? Our goals for 2018 are to grow in every aspect— individually and as a band, to make music with that deeper underlying passion. & to grow our fan base as well of course. We want to make this our lives.

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