Exclusive Interview 


BIO The name is “Bachir”. It means “chosen one” in the Hebrew language. I was born & raised in Texas DFW area for most of my life. I’m a sibling of five unique minds raised by my mom, a single parent. Unfortunately when I was seventeen she was called home to be with the lord. Growing up, she always told me I had purpose in life & that one day it will all make sense. Well now, I can definitely see what she meant by that. It’s all coming together like a puzzle! 


Top 5 Influences? I’m an old soul, an 87’ baby. I’ve always loved music, but the day I heard Tupac- “Keep Your Head Up”, I knew music was my calling. Just the art & inspiration behind his lyrics, he’s truly missed! He’s a big inspiration to me, but my other influences are Marvin Gaye, Lauryn Hill, Common, 3k and a of couple new faces with their music & character.


New Projects? I am currently working on my first mixtape titled “Humble but Hungry” Vol .1 dropping some time late January or early February. Then I’ll be doing a Humble but Hungry Vol .1 “Genesis” EP. I’ve been wanting to do music for a while but I was hindered by fear.


What got you into music? What really pushed me to get into music is the fact that it just makes me feel alive! I also want my fans to know that I hope to become a voice & real model. Not only to my community, but to people around the world!


Anything to tell your fans? I want my fans to know that everything I do is for them. I hope to spark the minds of lives around the world, so we can live as I know we can. TOGETHER as one. 2018 I want to be heard!

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