Exclusive Interview 

    BIO: Mrdotlegend is a hardcore Maryland rapper who made his album debut in 2016 after releasing over a dozen underground mixtapes, many of them featuring well-known affiliates Urban5. Born Craig Allen, on November 20, 1986, in Baltimore, Md, he grew up in a single-parent household on the east side of Baltimore with his mother and was initially influenced by Three 6 Mafia and other hardcore rappers. At the age of 13 he began composing lyrics for songs and count bars accurately. Though growing up for Mrdotlegend was rough, the number one constant in his life was music. When he was 17 years old, Mrdotlegend performed in his school’s talent show dedicating his performance to his late brother, Antonio Gerrod Allen, who died that very year. Aside from losing his brother, Mrdotlegend endured yet another life altering experience when he was shot twice; once in the face and once in the hand, with a sawed off shot gun, by an ex-associate. After 11 surgeries, 18 units and six pints of blood he lost 6 months of his life. He suffered a great deal from that experience as he had to partake in numerous hours of rehabilitation therapy; learning to talk and write all over again. “Getting shot only made me stronger and made me look at life differently”, says Mrdotlegend. Moreover, Mrdotlegend established himself as a solo artist with over a dozen mixtapes and some the public are yet to hear as he releases them strategically. copyright – © MRDOTLEGEND, LLC. All Rights Reserved

    Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influencers are dj paul of 36 Mafia, jay z, lil Wayne, Mozart, and Big L

    New Projects? I have a new mixtape coming out Zone 5 Vol.3 in the spring and I just dropped Zone 5 Vol.2 Christmas of 2017

    What got you into music? Studying,involving myself in every element of music when I was coming up I made sure I was in the schools band and elite jazz bands if they offered any. And most of all just getting up to do things the motivation to keep going thru thick and thin and learning balance their are a lot more things but with time I will reveal

    Anything to tell your fans? One thing I will and always tell my fans is YOU CAN….you can achieve anything you put your mind to in the worst situations

    Goals for 2018? For 2017-2018 it’s moving forward to new environments, new positive situations & connections and vibes,definitely more music and videos coming soon!And most of all creating a bond with my fans

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