Exclusive Interview 



BIO: Chapmatic is a sampled-based Hip-hop beat-maker who grew up in Waterford, Connecticut and still lives in Southeastern CT. He produced the majority of the album “Rhyme Tasting,” by New London, CTs, Artie Bro, which won the 2012 Hip-Hop album of the year at the Whalie Awards. He has two beat-tape releases with a third due out in winter 2018. Influences include Dj Premier, J Dilla, 9th Wonder and Apollo Brown.


Top 5 influences? I’d say Preemo, J-Dilla, 9th Wonder, RJD2, Apollo Brown, and not necessarily in that order but somewhat in that order time-wise. Dj Premier’s, “Boom,” beat back in 99′ basically turned me from a big fan to an obsessive listener and studier of sample-based producers, and then an early 9th Wonder beat that I forget the name of at the moment, sent me into a direction of purchasing a DAW, some other software and a midi controller to see if I had any chops. Singular beats having a huge impact on me still occurs. I made the majority of the beats on my most recent beat-tape over the course of a few weeks, after being floored by the first beat 9th did on Kendrick’s song, “Duckworth.” ……..


New projects? I’ll have a new beat-tape out by February, potentially later this month. It will be on and . And then in Spring I plan to release an EP of some beats that didn’t make some previous beat-tapes. ……..


What helped you get into music? I feel like the influences answer above, answers this one in large part. But I’ve loved music as long as I can remember. Growing up, I can’t think of too many family members that were musicians, so I can’t really point to one thing on that end. My uncle was crazy into rock and used to have stacks of CDs everywhere, so seeing that and liking that sound probably played a descent role.. I sample 70s and even 80s rock quite a bit, I love chopping up certain parts of those old songs. ……..


What is one thing you would tell your fans? I don’t know if I really have fans per say. I do know that quite a few listen and a some have reached out, be it interested in some beats or to say great things about some of my work in the last year, that includes one of Connecticut’s best rappers. When stuff like that occurs I still kind of get in a state of disbelief. With that too, instead of what I’d tell fans, I’ll say to other unknown & relatively unknown producers: just keep working and study the people that made you love hip-hop in the first place.. but also listen to all types of styles & genres and try not to worry much about following the crowd. ………..


Goals for 2018? Get better.

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