Ace The Don

  1. AceTheDon♠️👑

    BIO: Matthew (AceTheDon) A.M. I’m a 24 year old Rapper out of Tulsa,Oklahoma just trying to bring the soul back to rap in the culture.

    Top Influences? Andre3k because his style and flow is crazy. I try to Incorporate some of his style in my music. Tupac: well we have the same birthday so that’s dope but his music told a lot of story’s that set my mind to think about more. SnoopDogg: because of is style his just chill and keeps it real. Em: was is just crazy with it, he’ll talk about himself you your mom just crazy and the word play out this world. Kanye: another person who says what his going to say and his music had my mind on a journey.

    New Projects? Working on my first EP in 2018 it’s going to be crazy still not sure the Direction am going with it, but I have some crazy songs coming and look for Collectiv in 2018

    What got you into music? I’ve been singing in choir since church just never really liked for people to know same as when a rapped but I always felt music in me I guess you could say it’s on my blood.

    Anything to tell your fans? I’m still building my fan bas up but for the people looking at me. I’m working I have great things in my mind and ill show you through my music hold on for the ride. Soundcloud/TheRealAceTheDon.

    Goals? 2017 was dope started working on music dropped a lot of songs and Collectiv was made. 2017 is closing out great and 2018 well just wait on it.

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