Ghostwriter LA



Exclusive Interview 


BIO: Ghostwriter LA interview Real name: Jonas Vesterberg Lives in: Los Angeles Born in: Sweden


New Projects? Latest release: ESSENTIALS (w Kevo) now live on streaming.


Top 5 influences? Tupac DJ Premier Quincy Jones Rolling Stones Mobb Deep Musically and lyrically, my greatest inspiration growing up was Tupac. There was something so powerful about his expression and he combined intellect with emotional messages in a unique way. But nowadays I listen to everything from trap to opera. All music that manages to engage you emotionally is good music, in my opinion.


What got you into music? I took a long break from music, I still don’t know why. But maybe it helped me come back stronger and way more focused.


Anything to tell your fans? I would tell my fans that things happen in due time, you can’t force things to work. If they are meant to come together, they will.


Goals for 2018? For 2018 I’m really ramping up, producing various genres but staying focused mainly on hiphop and RnB. I’ve teamed up with fellow producer Rock Elliott here in LA and we’re working with some interesting, up-and coming artists. I will also put out some more material under my solo Americana/Indie Rock project.

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