Exclusive Interview 



Bio? Keith Hunter: “FLïGGH” Born in Macon, Georgia. Worked carpentry and landscape since the early days of my life. Always wanted to be in a Shah position to shepherd my own descendants. With music being the universal language I couldn’t grow from the love of it so decided to take that route.


Top 5 Influences? Jay-Z, Jaz-O, Sauce Money, Max-B, DMX New Projects: Currently working on a project titled “FLïGGHology”, hoping to be released soon digitally throughout the universe. In the means everyone can check out my music via to get appetizers before the feast.


What helped you get into music?  Throughout early school years I used to write and recite my thoughts to myself. Growing up my moms and uncle had an extensive collection of cassettes and cd’s, so I was surrounded by all genres of music. Couple years back I decided to invest in my own home studio equipment and every since wanted to perfect my gift. Writing has always been something I cherished though.


Anything to Tell Your Fans? My audience and potential fans without your support and the one near who help sustain me, I AM, nothing! I can be reached and contacted via email: flighmusicinc@gmail.com Feedback on my music and/or Letters can be sent there. Romans 5: 3-5


Goals? I would like to establish a foundation within the music community, continue writing, and working on engineering/production crafts. Hopefully the ones who draw near we can soon collaborate and manifest new art.

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