Drew The Recluse




Exclusive Interview 



Top 5 Influences? My top five influences are mostly filmmakers and artist. I love movies. In fact, most of music is set in a heightened reality. My second EP Vices, is heavily inspired by Annie Leibowitz (Vanity Fair), and the aesthetic she holds as a photographer, George Lucas (Star Wars) as in being able to he a storyteller on a grand scale, and Nicolas Winding-Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives) is my source for my darker and retro sounds and intimacy. Phil Collins is musically continues to be by go to. “In The Air Tonight” and “I Don’t Care Anymore” made me into who I am musically. Kanye West is my modern influence. To me, he is the greatest musical influence of our generation as someone who puts the art first and emotionally connects best with each body of work he puts out. I could also say as an honorable mention that GTA is a huge influence on my music. Oh and Duh, Stanley Kubrick. Just Stanley Kubrick is all you need. EYES WIDE SHUT and FULL METAL JACKET changed my life.

New Projects? As of right now, in terms of projects, I’m releasing singles with that 80s dramatic synthpop tone for the Co-Exist SZN. I am also going to be putting out a new EP titled “Irresponsible” in 2018 as well as Runway Models, a collaboration tape with my label-mate, Miles NxBxDy. Irresponsible is a direct sequel to my “Vices” EP on Soundcloud. We are working on production now.


What got you into music? Family has been the biggest supporter and helped me get into music. My father especially. He is so involved in what we at BLACK SUBURBIA do. It helps that he is so contemporary and understands the innovations.


Anything to tell your fans? I would tell my fans to be innovative. And that to be innovative is to blends popular current trends with your marketing, but to be yourself in terms of the product. I think there are a lot of copycat rappers and singers out here and I think that in 2017 we saw how being unique helped R&B, and Hip-Hop is going to be the same. I would also say, we all aren’t meant for the spotlight. We need more people who are music journalist, booking and promotion guys, venue owners, and taste makers. Those are more long-lasting careers in music because they are things that forever, people in entertainment will need.

Upcoming Goals? I just want to be the best person I can. I want to show everyone that money isn’t what gets you into the music game. You can reach a comfortable level of fame and prosperity with hard work and staying humble. I am focused on trying to not just do “Irresponsible,” but to also do a short film and the most amount of visuals I have never done for this project.We are also going to be really branding Black Suburbia. Promoting the lifestyle we promote. That middle class, grey area. It important to us to promote who we actually are.

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