Exclusive Interview 


BIO: name: TayTouchdown From: Detroit, Michigan


Top 5 influences? Common, Method Man, M.I.A. and to be honest a shitload of Motown…like a unhealthy amount lol


New Projects?  I’m not worried about as much at the moment..I am focusing on creating an energy that will move people and push awareness and make people think but still have fun.


What got you into hiphop? Well first I got into Poetry listening to Common “Resurrection” album my intro into hip hop because I wanted to use words like he did to express myself because growing up I never had that person to talk to..as lame as it sounds a notebook became this “person” I would run to and try to make sense of things that would go on with me with words. I got into Trying my hand at music when I was 8 and I heard Method Man’s “I’ll be there for you” and I was just stuck in a vibe..I still remember seeing grownups sway side to side everytime the record came on the radio, at parks, in the car or outside the liquor stores The crazy thing is the record came out probably when I was 5 or 6 but back then if your record had substance it wouldn’t die out after a couple of months like now and days.


Anything to tell your fans? I don’t think I have fans yet to be honest lol..I have supporters that rock with me but to all that actually care to read anything or listen to anything I’m saying..appreciate art, love and each other…people get to wrapped up in money and hating the vibes are crazy..”stop hating love and loving hate oxymorons”…I should put that on a T-shirt lol.


What are your goals? Change artistry within the city, keep consistent with Quality, spread vibes and awareness and keep moving with a purpose.


Anything else? thanks for the love and opportunity you guys provided me with this interview!

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